Friday, August 1, 2008

Rumor Has It

One the NY bands that is known for always having beautiful costumes on the Parkway, had a clash of the sections leaders inside of their mas camp. Thank goodness no costumes were destroyed during the process, but clothes were ripped apart. Ladies, we know that the art of costume selling within a bad can be competitive, but it should never get physical. Every costume has their own people that wear it and think its the best thing on earth, so lets try and be civil and continue to create fabulous costumes and look glam.

Love Gone Wrong

When my partner and I decided to stop producing sections and costumes in other peoples band s and start our own, I would have never though in a million years that I would have to go through so much drama and confusion. The theme of my children's band this year is "Love Gone Wrong". No , I did not come up with this idea myself. It was originally suppose to be a spin off from d'Krewe's theme for Trinidad Carnival "Love Is". Because of the hiccups with the costume distrubtion and obtain materials in time for carnival, some sections in D'Krewe was going to sell their left overs to South Central Boys Mas Band. I personally dont know what happened to this business venture, but it is obvious that it definitely didnt happen since Conquest has a section in Sesame Flyers.

My partner and I have broken away from South Central Boyz but decided to keep the theme because a lot of research and time went into designing these costumes. A lot of people had negative things to say in regards to such an adult theme. but my answer to them is that this is a situatin that kids go through every day. A lot of parents anre getting divorced, theirs constant domestic abuse in the home and various other situations that children face on a day to day basis. I think that these topics will raise awareness to certain emotions and situations that people face. Maybe we need to stop Babying our youth and educate them on certain situations.