Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bags By Mimi

So I purchased two wonderful bags from Mimi and I also won a bag. I absolutely love both of my bags and have decided to order one for my best friend for Chrisnival. We decided that this year our gifts have to pertain to carnival so I am getting a Ray of Light bag by Mimi and making her Monday wear and accessories.

*Mimi, I am contemplating getting my little diva a matching love bag. LOL. (She loves bags)
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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's Better Late than Never - Labor Day 2008

I have been cursed out enough times about me not posting on my blog that I have included it in my New Year's resolution. I am going to fill everyone in on what has been going on from August till now with Carnival Divaz Productions.

This labor Day Carnival Divaz had a section with Hawks Intl. named "Mirage". Originally it was only suppose to be 10 front line costumes but as time went by, it became a full section. We also ended up having 2 kids sections, despite all of the chaos (none of which was Hawks Intl. fault) the outcome was beautiful. Maybe it was because I worked behind the scenes with Hawks and as a section leader, I knew how difficult of a task this was. will admit it was well worth it. I had the best time ever on the road with Hawks. Now I see why people always comes back year after year despite any mishaps with their costume. ( Now I understand the hype with Tribe.) I haven't decided if i will bring a section next year or just do designing, but one thing is for sure I want another experience like that every year.

My Little Diva

After a long debate with family, my little Diva will be playing in Love by Rosalind Gabriel. It was obvious that baby had to match mommy especially since she is playing on monday with Grandma. I am so excited to take pics in our matching costumes on monday. Yes, I know its cheesy but I dont care.
This experience with her will be memorable, as its her first time playing mas in Trinidad.

Tuesday Undecided

I have not began shopping for anything that pertains to my tuesday costume. I had decided to wear my dream frontline costume on tuesday only because of the hype and my friends will be in this section. I couldnt part away with my monday as you can see.

I love the fact that my section designer includes accessories with the costume so i dont have to worry. I am thinking about creating my own backpack or modifying the one that is included with the costume to add more of an impact. I need to find a pair of lavender colored boots, as I dont wish to wear purple.

My monday wear

I have decided on these boots for my love costume option B minus the backpack for Carnival monday. I have deicided not to decorate the boots since I will be wearing it pn carnival monday. I think by having on a full costume is enough. I am still undecided about wearing the headpiece, I think that it would be over kill. Let me know what you think