Tuesday, May 22, 2012

NY Labor Day Band launch season is about to begin.

NY Labor Day bands are about to launch and I am truly excited. This year one of Brooklyn’s top dj’s Natural Freaks Ultd will be bringing out their own band (Freaks NY). I have been a section leader with them in Miami for the past 4 years, so I am excited to see what they do for Labor Day. Claude from Karma Carnival Band have been doing a lot of private work both local and abroad , I love his designs for St. Lucia carnival and is hoping that he wows us in NY. Both Ramajay Mas and Sesame Flyers are rumored to have a few well known designers designing their In-house sections. I cannot wait to see various wings that will be revealed at Ramajay’s band Launch and also to see Rastarz Mas Debut their first Labor Day section. They had one of the Top sections for Miami Carnival in Big and Strong One Island Carnival band; let’s see if they can do it again in Ramajay. I also cannot wait to see what Akin Ross comes with. We know that he is always over the top (in a good way). Also with great anticipation come Ontarage Ladies/ Koncep section with Natural Freaks as they always use bold colors that stand out among the rest. Finally, let’s see if DesigningDaryl can out do the NY designers this year as the competition is on. This year with definitely be a year to remember as all of the bands are bringing their A game.

Here are a few launch dates and Flyers.

Chocolate City Mas Band June 2nd

Sesame Flyers June 3rd

Karma Carnival Band June 3rd

Borokeete USA June 8th

1199 SCCC June 9th

Ramajay Mas June 10th

Dingolay Mas NYC June 15th

Freaks NY June 17th

L & B’s Soca City June 23rd