Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's Official

I would like to notify all of my masqueraders that Carnival Divaz will be bringing a section with Ramajay for Labor Day 2009. Please read their press release and Band Launch Info. See you there .....................................

RAMAJAY Mas Press Release

“Dare to be different…” New York City’s largest Caribbean festival—The West Indian Day American Carnival Parade—welcomes a new face to the color and beauty of mas bands which brings this world-renowned parade to life. Labor Day 2009, RAMAJAY Mas will make their debut to the world as an ultra all-inclusive premier band.
RAMAJAY Mas’ Creative Design Team intends to pull inspiration and ideas from their many years of experience within the fashion and mas industry to bring forth innovative, breathtaking and ultra-sexy costume designs to the their masqueraders and the parade’s millions of spectators. They intend to bring the fantasy of M-A-S (Make A Statement) to Eastern Parkway while still paying homage to the splendor of our Caribbean culture. This team—collectively known as TEAM G.B. (GB God Bless Productions, D’Original Divas, Divas de Carnaval & Massive International) consists of individuals who both know the craft of mas/costume designs, fashion and entertainment. Their background includes Fashion Institute of Technology (NYC) graduates, winners of WIADCA’s coveted King of the Band competition and band/section leaders from well-known & respected NY Mas Bands such as Borokeetes, Rango Mas and Hawks International. Together these talented individuals equal over 30+ years of mas design experience.
RAMAJAY Mas’ vision extends to being more than just a pretty mas band but providing to their customers an EXPERIENCE. Born out of the void of masqueraders not able to have a totally ultra-inclusive experience on the road, RAMAJAY Mas felt it was time to fill this emptiness. They want to give NY masqueraders the same vibe and ultimate mas experience that is already felt by their mas counterparts in Trinidad and Tobago, Canada and other Caribbean islands. Outstanding Customer Service will be a key factor to the premier experience presented to RAMAJAY Mas masqueraders. Along with great customer service RAMAJAY Mas will also extend all the popular amenities of an all-inclusive band such as tasty lunch & snacks, unlimited non-alcoholic drinks, roaming photographers and the best DJs/Soca artists providing incredible vibes in the ‘All-inclusive Road Party”.
We welcome you to take part in this EXPERIENCE and dare to be different as we present to NY & rest of the world for Labor Day 2009—RAMAJAY MAS.

For more info:
“We believe the essence of mas is ones ability to experiment and indulgence in the freedom of creativity…”

Monday, April 13, 2009

Plus Size Dilemma

As a NYC based costume designer, I have been hit with a dilemma regarding costumes for plus sized women. This year I designed a costume for plus sized women (Labeled Option C). I felt that it was a cost effective way to create a beautiful costume catered to plus sized women. My friends and associates have mixed views about my decision to do this. Many of them think that I will make plus sized women feel alienated because they cannot register in the regular costume (Option A & B), but I feel that this would have the opposite effect. In NY, Mas bands do not show masqueraders how the costumes would look in sizes other than a small or medium, leaving plus sized women to wonder if there are 12 strands of beads on the mannequin (Which are on a small or medium sized costume rather than the 24 strands suited for a 2xl costume). Unfortunately, depending on the designer or section leader, that plus sized person may receive the same 12 beads spaced out on their costume or receive another type of bead to accommodate the larger sized costume. This makes a lot of women upset and makes them complain that they didn’t receive what was advertised when in fact they did. The costume advertised 12 strands of beads and that is what they received. Last year, it cost me double to produce the larger sized bras and waist bands for the larger women. I even purchased special shorts for them to wear instead of the regular boy shorts. Most of them purchased bustiers in which I decorated with way more trimmings than I used on the prototype. This year I don’t want to do that because I ended up losing on the plus sized costumes. Most New Yorkers are not as body conscious as the masqueraders in Trinidad; they do not go to the gym just to fit into their labor Day costume because the parade is only for a few hours. Plus sized woman tend to be plentiful in a section, which leaves me with a dilemma.

I would like to hear your views on this topic.

Should I.....?
A.Design a regular costume and give everyone the same amount of trimmings
B.Design a regular costume and charge extra for plus sized women
C.Design Plus sized woman their own version to the costume. free polls