Monday, December 13, 2010

Costume Customizing

How much more different should a person be able to alter their costume once they have paid and received their costume?

A friend and I ended up in a debate today over altering a costume. As a designer I never mind people altering a costume just a tad because it made them stand out and be unique, but I am absolutely against people making their own costume. Just because of the initial design and materials used, I do not want someone’s costume in my section to look completely different from the rest. It might end up looking like a bootleg version to the section or a bad reflection on you as a designer. This year numerous people have been placing orders to customize or create additional items for their costume. How drastic should a person be allowed to go? Is it disrespectful to the band/ designer if a person alters their costume? My friend stated that minor adjustments are cool, but adding large backpacks or collars is disrespectful to the designer and will cause a big issue with the band. What if the band gave you permission to customize you r costume, how far should a person be allowed to go? Should you obtain permission from the designer/ band? Some people believe that once you paid for a costume its free reign to do whatever they want to it, the band already received their money.

What’s your take on this issue?

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