Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's Better Late than Never - Labor Day 2008

I have been cursed out enough times about me not posting on my blog that I have included it in my New Year's resolution. I am going to fill everyone in on what has been going on from August till now with Carnival Divaz Productions.

This labor Day Carnival Divaz had a section with Hawks Intl. named "Mirage". Originally it was only suppose to be 10 front line costumes but as time went by, it became a full section. We also ended up having 2 kids sections, despite all of the chaos (none of which was Hawks Intl. fault) the outcome was beautiful. Maybe it was because I worked behind the scenes with Hawks and as a section leader, I knew how difficult of a task this was. will admit it was well worth it. I had the best time ever on the road with Hawks. Now I see why people always comes back year after year despite any mishaps with their costume. ( Now I understand the hype with Tribe.) I haven't decided if i will bring a section next year or just do designing, but one thing is for sure I want another experience like that every year.

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