Tuesday, March 17, 2009

And the Newbie Band List Grows

So far for Carnival 2009 we have had new bands like Spice, Kaotic and Elements. For NY Labor Day Carnival Parade 2009, we have Karma, Gem promotions, Ramajay, and Exotica.
Gem Promotions was the first band to launch on March 7th. Due to daylight savings time and another event that I planned to attend I missed this one. I must admit that it takes a brave soul to launch their band right after Trini carnival. After looking at pictures on Facebook, I will say that I think that was a bad idea. We just took off our beautiful costumes from Trini that were well-made, had plenty of feathers, and were original in design. Gems costumes are a bit dated and there’s nothing innovative or new with this band, even by New York standards. They have a lot of time to revamp and do the launch all over again. I think they would’ve gotten a better response if they had launched in the summer when the Trini Carnival Tabanca wears off and people are willing to wear a costume that is not up to Trinidad standards but still looks nice and doesn’t fall apart.
I hope everyone is well prepared for the positives and the negatives that come with mas all over the world. It’s not an easy task to bring a truck on the road for Labor Day Parade as the city nor its residents support carnival as much as they should. I am eager to see who will rise to the occasion and who will fall. I am contracted by one of these bands and I must say that so far they are on the right track. Carnival in New York has lost its flair so let’s hope that these new bands do big things and bring NY Carnival back to where it used to be.

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