Friday, June 1, 2012

And so it begins

This weekend marks the beginning of band launch season for NY Labor Day Parade. The first band to launch will be Chocolate City on Saturday and Sesame flyers and Karma Mas Band on Sunday. NY bands and section leaders need to promote their launches a lot more. The only three band that everyone keeps hearing about is Ramajay, Sesame Flyers, and Freaks NY. Please start flooding everyone’s page with launch info and details about your band. Show people that there’s a lot of options out there that caters to all different types of people, different size and shaped people, and people from different nationalities.

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Nelly said...

I totally agree! Labor Day Bands are under represented on the world wide web. We need to show the world what the talent, beauty, and culture the Labor Day Parade has to offer. I am trying my best to attend most of the band launches this year ...hope to see you at one