Friday, June 19, 2009

Exotica Pics

I was finally able to get clear pictures of Exotica Mas Band which launched last Friday. As I said before, this band does not skimp on beads, stones or feathers. I personally think that some of the colors are repetitive, which confused me in the beginning. Now that someone on another website (**Vincy –Soca-Diva**), explained the different sections I have a better understanding of some of the costumes and what they are depicting. Some of the costumes would have looked better without the gloves or the feathers on the arm or leg pieces. Sometimes less is more.

Overall, there are some very intricate and creative designs in this band, some which may have never been seen before (like actual cards used on a costume).There’s always a costume out there for someone; what I might not like someone else might love. Congrats to this new band. I wish them the best of luck!

My fav out of the bunch is still Taj Mahal ( I loved those foot pieces in Kiskadee and I love them in this costume also.)

Deck of Cards


Sin City


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