Monday, June 15, 2009

NY Update

NY Bands are launching like crazy, with GEM PRODUCTIONS first out of the gate right after Trinidad carnival. First impression of this band was not good, but after a couple of months and a few revamps, things are looking okay for them. Wasn't "Tiger Eye” Jason Benn's section? So why am I seeing flyer's promoting him having a section in Sesame Flyers ? Hmmmmmmmm.

Anyways, next out of the gate was NY newest all- inclusive band RAMAJAY which lifted the bar on NY mas. As most of the sections were designed and produced by NY costume designers, I am proud to be apart of this band. We are bringing back mas to Eastern Parkway. People complained time and time again about NY mas not being up to par, well that has changed.

Following behind was another new band EXOTICA, this band has already caused quite a stir when they recently displayed their costumes on a morning news show. I guess even bad publicity is still good when people know the name of your band, and is interested in seeing what you have to offer. This band does not skimp of beads and feathers; I will reserve my comment until I see the costume up close or professional pics.

This weekend we have 3 bands launching and I will try to make it to all three. On Saturday KARMA (another new band) will launch their presentation "Celebrations", along with my company's band 1199 and they present "Meso Americans". (Yes, my employer has their own Carnival Band). This Sunday HAWKS INTERNATIONAL will present “Neptune Cries", I designed a couple of pieces in this band.

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