Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Miami Carnival 2013

Its that time again for the Carnival Divaz Crew to take over Miami Carnival. I apologize for not Blogging in awhile, I have been busy designing over 25 sections this year. I will do a recap of all of my designs this Carnival season is officially over for 2013. For the next couple of weeks, my blog will be about Miami carnival, from beginning to end. I will even post the wild and crazy pics from the production house. Yes, Carnival Divaz teamed up with freedom promotions to produce a Miami section and we have an official production house. So far this collaboration have been great and the responses from the section have been wonderful. Since this is my only personal design for the year, I tried to give it my all (without going overboard LOL). I gave the masqueraders enough options to suite their needs (some said that I gave too much options). My intent was not for everyone to pile on all of the add one at once, but to find what suits you. But you know that true Carnival Divaz loves Feathers and bling so they will definitely be ordering more than one add-on. Here's a few pictures to hold you over until tomorrow when I post Prices and various options.

Freedom Promotions and Carnival Divaz Presents:


With Natural Freaks Miami with their presentation "ten"

Ten Years of Mas in Miami ( This is my sixth year being a Natural Freaks section Leader)

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