Monday, September 16, 2013

Prices Prices Prices

Carnival Divaz And Freedom Promotions

Premiere All Inclusive section

With Natural Freaks Unlimited


Backline $250

Monokini $265

High waist $27

Includes Small Feathered Tiara, Body wear, Foot pieces, Neck piece, small feathered bracelet (fluff), earrings, and a special goody bag.

Frontline $385

Includes Large feathered tiara, Wire bra, Jewel panty (chains on both sides), Neck piece, Large feathered Arm piece, Large Feathered Foot Piece, earrings, and a special goody bag

Male $175

Includes custom printed "DUTTY" short pants, neck piece, wrist piece, foot piece, and a survivor pack filled with goodies.


Wire Bra $50

Collar $90

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